Emaus Heritage Centre

Abbot Francis Pfanner, founder of Mariannhill Monastery, a great pioneer and exemplary apostle of evangelization, takes on a particular historical importance for the whold church of Southern Africa. Hend the duty to make known his passion and outstanding spirit.

The Emaus Heritage Centre (EHC) is the concrete means to achieve this. It does it from the historical mission, Emaus, where Abbot Francis Pfanner spent the last fifteen years of his life in retirement and solitude praying and working (ora et labora) for the spread of God’s Kingdom.

The EHC also aims at promoting the continuation of the remarkable missionary work done by this exceptional missionary.

In this way the EHC seves the local Church and society in general, very especially the local community of Emaus, the diocese of Umzimkulu and its neighbouring dioceses in their evangelization outreach. It is clear that with its infrastructures, the Memorial House of Abbot Francis – with the room where he died -, the Stations of the Cross which he built , climbed and prayed every day – the Old Chapel and Grotto of Our Lady, which he constructed himself as well, Emaus Mission benefits of obvious assets and is of very special interest.


One of the means the EHC disposes of is the 

Langen Centre,

named after the place of birth of Abbot Francis Pfanner.

Ideal for confirmation retreats, leadership workshops and school trips.

This centre is dedicated primarily to hosting youth groups. It consists of a main building and some facilities for simple accommodation and activities. Indeed it disposes a wide space available for outside activities.

Its mission is to foster the Christian growth or ongoing formation of young people as future members of the people of God.

This therefore a significant work for the vitality and outreach of the future Church of South Africa and the achievements of a true civilisation of love. This in perfect harmony with one of the main elements of the heritage bequeathed to the Missionaries of Mariannhill and the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood by Abbot Francis: the establishment of local churches fully autonomous and even missionary.


Boarding only (one night) – for adults R50

Boarding only (one night) for young people R40

Groups bring their bedding and food.

Langen Grants Program

Nature and objective

This project consists essentially in granting financial help for the partcipation of some youth in workshops, sessions or special programs – in English, Zulu and Xhosa.

Its aim is to come to the help of the underprivileged and thus make available to a greater number of young people that possibility of becoming active, reliable, solid and zealous members and even missionaries of their local Church.


The youth of the dioceses neighbouring the EHC, (Umzimkulu and Kokstad) or rather their parents who are not able to afford the fees to actually take part in one or the other program. The beneficiary needs to be recommended by his/her priest, group leader, pastoral agent or a trustworthy person agreeable to the direction of the Langen Centre.

Solidarity Commitment

The grants are made possible thanks to benefactors of the American/Canadian religious province of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill. On their part this a generous gesture of solidarity with the young Churches of South Africa. Thus is created a special bond between our respective Churches and them. The Emaus Heritage Centre sees this as important in the perspective of a universal missionary Church. And so the beneficiaries of the Langen Grants Program will be asked to pray for those benefactors as a pledge of their gratitude and own solidarity with them.

The Langen Centre

Fr. Raphel Phiri, CMM

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